Where Do I Find Awesome Granola™?

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I was searching for a nut free snack for my son to take to school and being gluten free was a great bonus. I was pleasantly surprised to see it had 7g of protein. We got the variety pack and my son’s favorites were the original and raisin cranberry. I was running late today and grabbed the chocolate to eat on my commute and I loved it. We will be purchasing the variety pack again.

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Tried this as a healthy snack for my children. allergen free and nut free, as one of my children, has allergies. I have to say, and I’m not typically a granola fan, but this product is very tasty. It has a soft texture and great flavor. I have been grabbing pouches for snacks for myself and have found it to be very filling as I am on a lower carb diet now.
Really great product I have to say.

Andrea - Amazon Verified

We have become faithful Amazon customers.  Our daughter, Liliana, makes a yogurt parfait every morning.  Stoneyfield vanilla yogurt, a banana, and Awesome Granola™!


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Feel Good About What You Eat!

Feel Great About What You Feed Others!


Awesome Granola™ is made with grapeseed oil, which is very high in Vitamin E and Omega 6.  In addition to these healthier aspects, Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant.

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   Post Workout Fuel

   After School Snack

   Casserole Topping

   Fresh Fruit Sprinkle

   Salad Topping

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   Yogurt Sprinkle

   Baking Ingredient

   Sweet & Savory Recipes


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