Payroll Protection Program Success Story

(Noblesville, 5/4/2020)  While there has been criticism and concern surrounding the execution of the Payroll Protection Program, Home Snack Foods, LLC, a very small business that employs six individuals has been a recipient of PPP funding.  We market Awesome Granola™ which is gluten-free, nut-free, and allergen-free.

Our primary market is to K-12 schools, colleges, and universities in the United States. The product is made entirely in the USA using USA suppliers. With many students having food allergies, Awesome Granola™ provides these academic institutions with a healthy option.

With the closure of schools, our revenue was challenged. The PPP affords us the ability to keep our employees working and suppling consumers via Amazon.

However, we did not stop caring about those in need. Home Snack Foods, LLC, sent complimentary products to Governor Holcomb and his staff at the Statehouse. We donated Awesome Granola™ to Indiana University Hospital North.  We wanted to provide doctors, nurses, janitors, and support staff with a healthy snack while working extremely demanding hours in this time of crisis.

In addition, we donated Awesome Granola™ to several local small communities and food banks. Our way to give bake to those in need.

In working with our local community bank, First Merchants, and their Assistant Vice President, Rob Garrett, we were able to secure PPP funding. This money is critical to our being able to maintain staff while we move to more consumer marketing for Awesome Granola™.

First Merchants Bank walked us through each step of the process. They continue to have an open line of communication and keep us informed of progress.

“My initial concern was the big banks and their most valued customers (larger employers with mega revenues) would get preference over the truly ‘small’ businesses and local community banks. However, First Merchants Bank continued to work with us to secure the funding,” stated Chairman Bill McGinnis.

Through the efforts of First Merchants Bank, Home Snack Foods, LLC, can continue its mission to provide a healthy snack option to Americans. “We are truly thankful to have First Merchants Bank as our financial partner,” said Bill McGinnis.


William “Bill” McGinnis

Chairman. Home Snack Foods, LLC

Makers of Awesome Granola™

Mobile: 317.979.2483